“New year, New me”

A quote mockingly made by myself and my friends its ringing in my ears as 2015 begins. I am back at school before the rest of the student population and so far have only eaten poorly and watched Netflix. Not too bad except that’s all I’ve been doing since Winter Break began in mid-December. In trying to feel better emotionally and physically I need to start exercising more consistently and eating foods that are actually good for me and don’t add to my anxiety or stomach issues.

To start, my friend and I are looking into a 5k taking place in March. It is a perfect goal to set when being out of the exercise routine for so long.

I will keep updating here to hold myself accountable and view my progress.


End of Behavior Change Project. Day 8.

On Day 8 I ran 2 miles and felt pretty good. I stopped at mile 1 to stretch and catch my breath but besides that it was smooth sailing. The project is over, but I plan on continuing this endeavor to integrate working out into my daily routine. 


Day 5…6..7… ?

So the weekend came and went and I neither posted nor exercised. Lame excuse but the weekend has that effect on me, I don’t want to work out and there are so many other things to fill my time that I have no problem letting my time slip by with no running/yoga. In the future maybe I can just get up early and exercise before the chaos of my day ensues, this has worked in the past (its just the getting out of bed that’s the hardest part). Moving Forward…

Day Three, Run “HAPPY”

Run “H.A.P.P.Y.” … Have A Purpose, Push Yourself.


This is a motto and a running charity made by my friends and TNT TEAMmates Laura Ingalls and Amanda Kelly (runhappyraces.org). Yesterday Becka, another TEAMmate, told us the little girl she runs for, Fiona, who is going through chemo for a blood cancer is now in the hospital for pneumonia. So she asked us to all do “Miles for Fiona”, taking a picture with a get-well message to show Fiona some support. So that was the kick I needed to get myself out the door and run my 2 miles for Fiona.





Day Two of this behavior change project and I woke up feeling like the tin-man. Every muscle in my body is stiff and sore. Although I learned that rolling out of bed, bushing my hair, and getting dressed uses a lot of muscles that I didn’t know existed. Long story short I made today a rest day.

My much loved yoga mat and me.

My much loved yoga mat and me.

By rest I do not mean do nothing, doing nothing would hurt me more than it would help. So today I did some yoga, meditation, and deep stretching. My Music of the World class introduced me to my new found love of Indian Classical Music, so that was on my Pandora as I laid out my yoga mat and found a YouTube yoga video for beginners. The video was so-so, so I stopped it halfway through and just listened to the relaxing music and stretched where I was stiff and focused on breathing. After this 30 minute or so session I still feel sore, but no longer stiff.


Just Show Up.

I kind of dropped the ball on this whole training/blog thing the second I created it, but who says I can’t pick it back up?

I was assigned a behavior change project in one my Health Psychology class, so I decided to make myself workout everyday, and do yoga/focused weight training on the rest days. So this is Day One of the eleven day behavior change project that I plan on continuing past the due date.

So how well did it work out that my friend Maureen asked me to wake up at an un-Godly hour with her and attend our first November Project together this morning? I’m taking it as a sign. If you do not know what November Project is, you should. Watch the video below or click here (http://november-project.com/), it is so awesome!

This morning was a Monday “Destination” Workout, meaning we all ran to the Destination (Parker Hill Playground) by 6:30 AM as part of the workout. Maureen and I ran a mile to get there at a slower 12:00 min pace (its not called Mission HILL for no reason in our defense). Upon arrival we were greeted by 50+ people jumping up and down yelling and shaking off the 40 degree cold morning air. We started off with a slow jog around the playground. Then came sprints, suicides, and high knees. Finally we started a circuit of V-ups, squat jumps, mountain climbers and side push ups. The circuit was done 5 times, each time with everyone yelling, screaming, high fiveing and hugging to the next station. To say the least the vibe was great! Bojan, a co-founder, snapped this shot of me mid V-up, and you can tell this was great if I was still smiling after all this.


It was all wrapped up with sweaty bear hugs and a group picture. All in All the workout lasted from 6:30 – 7:10 AM, not including our run there. I felt great, accomplished and ready for my day. Really spectacular Day One of this project.